About us
Central power supply company - a company that is developing dynamically.

We are the participants of the Wholesale Electric Power Market of Ukraine. Company’s chief activity is delivering electric power to the consumers.

On 16.10.2018, the NCRECP Resolution # 1215 approved the issuance of a new license for the right to conduct economic activities for the supply of electrical energy to the consumer.

Resolution NKREKP

Our company has been successful in the field of engineering and energy outsourcing. Our goal - to help consumers optimize the cost of electricity production. We work exclusively in the interests of clients served!

Also, the company includes:

  • interventions to reduce the cost of electricity consumed;
  • Outsourcing to service subscribers Ensuring accession process, building its own generation for becoming a member of the Wholesale Electricity Market Ukraine and create their own energy supply company (consulting) and service provider for working members of the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine.
  • Detailing the scope of the company you can find in the section SERVICES

    We have experience of effective advocacy of our customers! Services

    Our partners
    We have established firm partner relations with the companies, best in the field of their business activity, and each of them has donated its knowledge and experience into our business.