Sellingelectric power
The transition to electricity supply is a modern approach to building partnerships between the Supplier and the Consumer. Our company provides high quality service and transparent work.

Training of a qualified consumer
Within this service we offer a whole specter of organization and technical events. Firstly, to acquire the status of a qualified consumer of electric power, also taking into account the rapidly growing market and the developing modern relations between a supplier and a consumer, for the present day there has been created a relevant regulatory system, which presupposes certain competitive environment, within which a consumer is the most valuable participant. In order to get into a position of being free to choose the most profitable terms for purchasing electric power from any supplier, it is necessary to coordinate commercial accounting of electric power.

Enterprise monitoring
Detailed analysis of the commercial accounting structure, defining required measures on technical preparation within the borders of transition to the electric power supply from ORE of Ukraine. Besides, due to the complex price setting, with numerous component values, which are formed individually for each group of consumers, also accounting for regional and seasonal specifications, the main part of work lies in the defining enterprise efficiency from a perspective of price gap for the previous accounting periods.

Outsourcing on implementing the model of purchasing electric power at ORE of Ukraine.
When choosing the second option, there is an offer of a set of events, followed by the full maintenance on coordinating and regulating the start of power supply from the Whole sale energy market of Ukraine.

Operator services for the working members of ORE of Ukraine
LLC “TSENTROENERGO” is the operator of ASKUE for the current members of Electric Power Wholesale Market of Ukraine.
Compliance to the conditions of the required agreements, in terms of quality and time limits, as well as undergoing regular check-ups on the part of state structures when operating on Wholesale Market is not an easy task. Consequently, after the implementation of the model of purchasing electric power at ORE of Ukraine there will arise an issue of the trained personnel and the conformity of the target personnel.

Administrative power consulting
Power distribution among enterprises is a complex process. To carry it out special knowledge is required, as well as successful experience of cooperation with power supplying companies.
Small companies do not need a lot of staff, responsible for solving current issues in the relations with the power supplying company.
Our company, due to its immense experience in this field offers to its consumers to exclude the risk of wrong decision taking, owing to the consultations with our specialists.

If you have any disputes with electricity suppliers, electricity supply companies or other entities, our experts have extensive experience in the successful settlement of disputes on energy supply and are ready to assist you in addressing such issues.

Technical energy consulting
Our company in order to save your time is ready to hold the responsibility for the whole procedure of cooperating with networking companies. At the same time we design the whole process of technological join-up as profitable for the consumer as possible.

Technical consulting for new power plants
For clients, who intend to produce electricity for sale with the appliance of the green tariff the main obstacles are not the plant construction, but going through all the administrative procedures, which determine the launch of the business. For this there is a solution, providing regulated passing all the required events, starting from the development of technical documents to setting the agreement with GP “Energy market” and launching the sale of electric power.

Services of ASKUE operator for generating companies
To account for the amount of electrical energy between producers and suppliers, on the border of the WEM are set automated commercial electric power accounting system (AMR). Each metering on the border with the WEM should be your operator, which reports to the Chief Operator (WEM) and performs all the necessary processing functions. With a significant baggage of industry experience, our operator team is ready to take these features of legal liability in the right amount.

Constructing power plants of renewable energy
Including private property, with capacity up to 30kW, formalizing power sale into the network by green tariff. More detailed information on constructing a private private plant, with capacity up to 30kW can be found on.