Administrativepower consulting

Power distribution among enterprises is a complex process. To carry it out special knowledge is required, as well as successful experience of cooperation with power supplying companies.

Small companies do not need a lot of staff, responsible for solving current issues in the relations with the power supplying company.

Our company, due to its immense experience in this field offers to its consumers to exclude the risk of wrong decision taking, owing to the consultations with our specialists.

As a result of agreement for subscription services we will monthly do the following:
  • Estimate monthly electric power costs for your Company, and forecast its consumption in the current and following estimated periods;
  • Perform correctness monitoring and check-up of the prices, estimated losses on lines and transformers of commercial power account, presented by the supplier;
  • Give recommendations on the reduction of prices and power amount;
  • Prepare monthly report on the consumed power and submit it to power distributing company;
  • Perform monitoring of conforming to capacity and quantity limits;
  • Conduct load operating conditions measuring, filling in and submitting transcripts to the power distribution company;
  • Analyse the agreement on the subject of its compliance to the current Law in Power Sector and the interests of your company;
  • Inform about the planned changes in Energy legislation, which may impact power prices;
  • Prepare the reference to power supply organization;
  • Consult you on any issues, referring to power supply of your company.
  • When signing the agreement on subscription services, the cost of our services depends on the number of your enterprises (points of supply).