Operator services for the working members of ORE of Ukraine

LLC “TSENTROENERGO” is the operator of ASKUE for the current members of Electric Power Wholesale Market of Ukraine.

Compliance to the conditions of the required agreements, in terms of quality and time limits, as well as undergoing regular check-ups on the part of state structures when operating on Wholesale Market is not an easy task. Consequently, after the implementation of the model of purchasing electric power at ORE of Ukraine there will arise an issue of the trained personnel and the conformity of the target personnel.

Enterprise participants, intending to distribute working resources efficiently and stay away from unforeseen challenges, may set an agreement with our company on operational services.

Further on the process of power purchase on the Wholesale market will be performed by our company, as well as the consequent sale to the consumers, particularly:

  • Providing the forecast for power consumption and supply;
  • Compiling and coordinating the notifications on the declared power amount;
  • Corrections with calculating the forecast power cost;
  • Monitoring the condition of electric power commercial accounting;
  • Compiling and coordinating acts for power receive and transmit;
  • ЗSetting power sale and purchase agreements with new consumers (extra agreements);
  • Organizing work on purchasing and selling power, coordinating reporting documents;
  • Monitoring business correspondence and the accounting documents circuit;
  • Budget, calculation and monitoring of doing demanded payments on the consumed power.
  • Conforming to the normative acts of NKRE and the agreements with GP “Energymarket” on the quality and terms of service delivery.
  • Data registration and daily report on the actual hourly power consumption for commercial evaluation with GP “Energy market” and the networks owner.
  • Under the following configuration the company does not serve as a mediator. You have your direct agreements with Wholesale market, the networks owner and the target power consumer. We perform only regular, routine work, efficiently and with all legal liability, at the fixed remuneration (rental fee), which will reflect positively on the terms of functioning start of the branch, immediate profit acquisition by our clients, which is in short the utilization of expenditures on running the branch.