Technical consulting for new power plants

For clients, who intend to produce electricity for sale with the appliance of the green tariff the main obstacles are not the plant construction, but going through all the administrative procedures, which determine the launch of the business. For this there is a solution, providing regulated passing all the required events, starting from the development of technical documents to setting the agreement with GP “Energy market” and launching the sale of electric power.

  • Acquiring License of NKREKP for producing electric power;
  • Formalization of ORE of Ukraine membership;
  • Constructing ASKUE (trial and industrial utilization, as well as executing the procedure of registration in ORE of Ukraine with the obtainment of CERTIFICATE);
  • Setting power sale and purchase agreement with GP “Energy market” (preparation and coordination of all the required documents in Regional Power distribution company, ER and Energy System). Before selling electric power GP Energymarket by green tariff).