Enterprise monitoring

If you are interested in finding the answers for the following questions:

  • how much 1 kWh of electric power costs on the Electric Power Wholesale Market of Ukraine costs?
  • Is the commercial proposal from the supplier, that is going to work with my enterprise, really profitable?
  • Are the terms, on which my enterprise purchases electric power from the current supplier, really economic?
  • What is to be done so that we could purchase electric power on the Wholesale Market without mediators or become the supplier of electric power for other consumers?
  • Then this is the service you need!

    If you want to cut down your expenses for your products manufacturing by reducing electricity cost, and you want to get the precise answer how to do it, this analytical work will be of great use to you.

    Detailed analysis of the commercial accounting structure, defining required measures on technical preparation within the borders of transition to the electric power supply from ORE of Ukraine. Besides, due to the complex price setting, with numerous component values, which are formed individually for each group of consumers, also accounting for regional and seasonal specifications, the main part of work lies in the defining enterprise efficiency from a perspective of price gap for the previous accounting periods.

    To enable monitoring of your enterprise we need the following information:
  • Load schedule, hourly for each month;
  • Data of summer and winter seasonal measuring;
  • Acts on imbalance with power supplying company;
  • Addendum to the agreement on providing electric power (supply value monthly);
  • Technical characteristics of measuring complex (table).
  • Service price depends on the number of accounted periods, for which calculations are to be made as well as the complexity of the measuring complex structure.

    Documents for downloading: