Instructions for filing complaints / complaints / claims


Citizens of Ukraine have the right to apply to bodies of state power, local self-government, associations of citizens, enterprises, institutions, organizations irrespective of forms of ownership, mass media, officials in accordance with their functional duties with comments, complaints and proposals. , concerning their statutory activities, a statement or petition for the realization of their socio-economic, political and personal rights and legitimate interests and a complaint about their violation.

Under the appeals of citizens it is necessary to understand the proposals (remarks), statements (petitions) and complaints set forth in writing or orally.

Proposal (remarks) - Appeal of citizens, where recommendations are made, recommendations on the activities of state and local self-government bodies, deputies of all levels, officials, as well as opinions on the regulation of social relations and living conditions citizens, improvement of the legal basis of state and public life, socio-cultural and other spheres of activity of the state and society.

Application (petition) - requesting citizens to facilitate the realization of their rights and interests enshrined in the Constitution and current legislation, or notification of violations of the current legislation or shortcomings in the activities of enterprises, institutions and organizations irrespective of the forms of ownership , people's deputies of Ukraine, deputies of local councils, officials, as well as expressing opinions on improving their activity.

A petition - a written request for recognition of the person's status, rights or freedoms, etc.

Complaint - requesting the renewal of rights and protection of legitimate interests of citizens violated by actions (inaction), decisions of state bodies, bodies of local self-government, enterprises, institutions, organizations, associations of citizens, officials persons.

How to file a written complaint / complaint / claim to Tsentrenergo Ltd.

Written appeal is sent by mail or transmitted by a citizen to the appropriate authority, institution personally or through a person authorized by him / her, whose powers are executed in accordance with the current legislation.

You can file a written request as follows:

To send by mail to the address: Ukraine, 25006. Kropivnitsky st. Ruslana Slobodyanyuk, 215

Personally, at the address above:

Send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Using the Mobile EnergyOnline app available on Google Play

Applying for Treatment / Complaints / Claims

1) Must be specified:

- for the household consumer: last name, first name, middle name, address.

- for legal consumer, individual entrepreneur: name, legal address, address of the location of the electricity supply.

2) The essence of the issue raised, a statement, a complaint, a request or a claim, is stated:

3) Written application / complaint / claim must be signed by the applicant (s) with the date.

When filing an appeal / complaint / claim in electronic form, an email address to which the respondent may receive an answer or information on other means of communication with him should also be indicated. The use of an electronic digital signature in electronic communications is not required.

Consideration of the appeal / complaint / claim sent to Tsentrenergo Ltd.

If the address / complaint / claim is an e-mail address, the telephone number or such information is known to the Company, a preliminary answer is given on the possibility of resolving the issue or notification of the commencement of consideration of the application / complaint / claim and the time period for its consideration. The previous reply is given within 1 working day from the day the application / complaint / claim is received.

An appeal / complaint / claim is considered within the time limit specified by the current legislation of Ukraine.

An appeal filed without complying with the above requirements shall be returned to the applicant with the relevant explanations no later than ten days after the day it was received, except as provided for in part one of Article 7 of the Law.

A written application without a place of residence, not signed by the author (s), as well as from which it is impossible to establish authorship, is recognized as anonymous and is not subject to review.

Also, repeated appeals by the same body, from the same citizen, from the same issue, if the first is resolved in essence, as well as those appeals, the terms of consideration of which are provided for in Article 17 of the Law, and appeals of individuals , recognized by the court incapacitated.

The decision to terminate consideration of such appeal is taken by the head of the body, which is reported to the person who submitted the application.

Appeals are considered and resolved within a maximum of one month from the date of their receipt, and those that do not require additional study - immediately, but not later than fifteen days from the date of their receipt.

If, within a month, it is not possible to resolve the issues raised in the appeal, the head of the relevant body, enterprise, institution, organization or his deputy shall establish the necessary time for its consideration, which shall be communicated to the person who submitted the application. In this case, the general term for resolving issues raised in the application may not exceed forty-five days.

Telephone for information on consumer appeals: (0522) 56 73 80;

Or by sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile EnergyOnline

The National Commission for Energy and Utilities has developed a mobile application called Energy Online.

In this application, the consumer will be able to promptly send a complaint to the electricity supplier and find answers to topical issues in the field of energy and utilities.

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