Training  of a qualified  consumer

Within this service we offer a whole specter of organization and technical events. Firstly, to acquire the status of a qualified consumer of electric power, also taking into account the rapidly growing market and the developing modern relations between a supplier and a consumer, for the present day there has been created a relevant regulatory system, which presupposes certain competitive environment, within which a consumer is the most valuable participant. In order to get into a position of being free to choose the most profitable terms for purchasing electric power from any supplier, it is necessary to coordinate commercial accounting of electric power.

Construction of the Automated system of electric power commercial accounting (ASKUE) or Local organization of data collecting and processing (LOSOD):

System function
  • Automated commercial accounting data collection of electric power consumption (output) on each accounting point (group) at the pre-scheduled commercial intervals;
  • Accounting parameters preservation in the database;
  • Providing multirate accounting (electric power output rate);
  • Providing monitoring of power consumption limit compliance;
  • Output of calculation parameters onto the terminal as well as/or for the pringing device on the operator’s request;
  • Keeping unified system time so as to enable its regulation;
  • Advantages, gained by a client in case of applying ASKUE:
  • Possibility to check data on energy consumption and capacity at any time and frequency;
  • Possibility to analyze the consumption and forecast expenditures for the electric power consumed;
  • Possibility to preserve and present the information on energy consumption and capacity in any form, convenient for the analyses;
  • Possibility to be independent in monitoring the limits of electric power consumption in times of the maximum load of power system;
  • Possibility to monitor the consumed amount limit for electric power;
  • Local organization of data collecting and processing (LOSOD) has been designated for carrying out calculations of the consumed electric power as the accumulation of accounting means, which provide measuring, collection, accumulation and processing the information about the volumes and parameters of the electric power flows and the consumed capacity on the separate measuring ground at the certain time periods and have the interface of the distant data reading required for work as part of the automated system of commercial accounting of Power company.

    Outline for ASKUE (LOSOD) implementation at the enterprise:
  • Development and adjustment of technical task and the working scheme for implementing ASKUE (LOSOD);
  • Preparation, programming, equipment functional capability check-up;
  • Assembly operations;
  • Testing and commissioning works;
  • Setting the system into the trial operation;
  • Metrological evaluation;
  • Setting the system into the industrial operation;
  • Technical support of ASKUE and LOSOD systems;
  • Setting up tasks. Training and technical support;
  • ASKOE service operator.
  • Documents for downloading: